Special Thanks:

Wow – where to start. I guess it would be easiest to start at the beginning, eh?

  • To my art teacher at Lowell High School in Southern California, thank you for your perseverance when I could do none of the many projects assigned to us, you allowed me to submit several scratch pictures in their place.
  • To my Dad for keeping those pictures for so long and asking me why I haven’t done more and, if I do, can he have one? Sorry it took so long.
  • To Kelly at Electrolab, Ltd. Canada for believing in me when I could not, and for not allowing me to “sell” myself short, and to everyone at Electrolab who jumped on the “scratch art train” – I miss you all.
  • To my Mom and Richard for loving me when I am at my best and my worst and everything in between.
  • To Patti for her subtle support and uplifting spirit.
  • To my Pandrake for accepting me for what I am, including all the baggage. I love you.
  • And lastly to my son Tyler, for your patience with mommy when she couldn’t play because of my art, and even for wanting to do some of it with me, and for loving me no matter where we live in this large world. I love you all the way to Pluto and back.