I discovered scratch art in High School. However, then it was only for a grade in art class. Life went on and I put it aside. Recently, with encouragement from many valued friends, I started to revisit the medium. My journey began with my first commission in 2007 for a co-worker, and then by word of mouth two others. I had the great pleasure of donating a picture to the Canadian Cancer Society for auction, and now many requests for portraits of cherished pets or favorite wildlife for family and friends are keeping me quite busy.

You might say that my life has come full circle. Scratch art allows me to express my joy in the life around me. It builds my sprit as I work each picture from a nothingness of black. The work comes alive with each dot and scratch I place on the board. Passion is a blessing.

I hope you enjoy my gallery as much as I have enjoyed creating it. If you have questions, comments, or wish to inquire about purchasing or commissioning any of my work please feel free to contact me or sign my guestbook.

Thank you again! Have the best day you can.


Passion Play

It’s all
imagination hell-bent for fury.
World after world
layered after word
arranging word, and
scripts fade in and out from
faces of personality.
Arranging and rearranging
some kind of fit like a
surrealistic saga suited
passion to reality.

You want to take part
in the passion play.
Voices, faces,
of thought lead to
or revelation,
or curiosity.

This song of life sung
in waking hours is
a symphony of
parallel and
dreams – melody.

Dream of harmony.
And without surrender,
sing in key.